From the moment of kissing the ground to eating what it grows

Why do humans destroy things to think about fixing later? It is a common practice long-dated from the dawn of civilisations. Since the introduction of conventional farming, humans grew crops by ploughing the soil and harvesting at stages.

The only problem is that back then they did not have the concept of soil degradation. Today is a thing deeply regarded.

When you talk about soil, we tend to grasp worms, insects, bacteria, parasites and all sorts of microorganisms. And this is what they are, living beings. They depend on carbon for survival. That is why carbon is so good.

Carbon is the Golden Key


History may confirm what Brazil’s situation today is all about

Many of us have not noticed how this mayhem in Brazilian politics grew over the years. Time seems to fly by, and we, Brazilians, at least most of us, do not understand how everything ends up in a political pit. Some of us predicted through articles and conversations. Others only discussed between their peers, while others used their blogs and YouTube channels to expose their frustrations.

It has been at least six months since I wrote “Within a country that changed so much”, and I am still convinced that my arguments are just about to come true. The history of…

From a simple walk to a thrilling experience into an ancient world

A day like any other, but this time a native person guides us from Australia. His name is Trent, and he is taking us for a quick tour around Adelaide Botanical Gardens.

With his plant knowledge, he is willing to show us the importance of species that changed the different Aboriginal group’s lifestyles over thousands of years. Plants that were once used to aid their survival in the bush, including many still used today. Some are only found in specific locations, within niche environments, known to Aboriginal peoples renowned nomads.

Different groups walk long distances (walkabout) around the country looking…

Stunned by a ‘flying’ human

My view from the treetop is not always clear.

Through some dense foliage and the wind constantly snoring past my ears, it does not seem easy to observe with precision what is going on in the ground. This time was a bit different as I was up this big tree amidst a retirement village. It was not a standard block of apartments for older adults, though. It was something beyond that, with golden chains hanging on each door showing that they had the bucks. One penthouse at a reasonable size costs 1.4 million dollars — plush!

I cannot imagine myself…

But personal choices can make a difference on a global scale

I often ask people if they care about the planet. I get all sorts of answers.

Some are passionate, and others do not care. Some are activists, and others watch television all day. Some are writers, and others are dancers. Even if we choose different states of living, we are still breathing the same air. We are still consuming food from the same planet. I chose to live and think sustainably as much as I can. Some did not. Unfortunately, I cannot change anything about it directly.

I spend my day working in nature, observing the blooms of life. I…

Squirrel — Subsistence through foraging

a squirrel is waiting under a tree
a squirrel is waiting under a tree

The winds are traveling fast through this veil of tree branches. Swirls that only can be seen by the subtle movement of leaves, falling slowly on the ground. Colors change when sunlight is not so prominent through the canopy.

Darkness in the plain summery afternoon is something to notice even though squirrels do not lose their chances.

They know that the end of summer will soon become autumn — more food abundance to many animals in an ancient oak forest. The soil is full of decaying leaves from the last falling season. …

The learning curve of storytelling

Hardly outcompeted by its landscape, Fiji has unique features undeniably by any human eye. A complex of landmasses — archipelago — is a group of volcanic islands in the South Pacific, lying about 4,450 kilometres southwest of Honolulu (Hawaii) and 1,770 km north of New Zealand. Nadi, travelling around the main island and exploring further down near Waya Island in friends’ presence, is a bliss achieved recently. …

Dear Neighbour…

I did things I regret and others that I learned from. Removing trees has been considered the most common practice in the tree cutting industry for a long time.

We, as arborists, tree doctors, can be mistaken as ‘tree loppers.’ They are not the same and are very different from each other. On one side you have the qualified, tree connoisseur and tree lover that understands the tree world. Arborists will do their best to preserve the tree's integrity and explain their functions to a person with a mouthful of pleasure.

But on the other side, you have the ones…

The childhood full of dirt and encounters that I would never forget

As I approach the dinner table, grandma extended her arm to give me a treat. It was not a usual treat. It was rabanada (French toast). She cooked and watched me indulging myself with a big smile on her face. It is a mix of sliced bread and cinnamon, soaked in beaten eggs and then pan-fried. Delicious.

These are simple memories from my childhood at grandma’s place in the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. …

What can a tree climber tell about one of the most efficient food factories of the natural world?

As tree climbers, we can tell how different a tree canopy can be depending on the species. It can change by colour, form and size, making us climb in distinctive ways. Our movement to a branch tip rests in our ability to use certain climbing techniques, which ultimately takes our attention to safety.

Our poor vision may sometimes distract us from the beauty of a leaf. Its exotic ability to produce food for the tree is astonishing. These are details that a busy arborist, pruning or inspecting a tree, may pass unnoticed.

Interest and curiosity are important tools for science…

Tiago Miranda

I climb, I travel, I think, I read, I write and I am starving for more | RIP AB |

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