We are asleep to the mannerisms of the natural world

Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

It is a challenge for me to think like a plant. If only plants could reflect and express themselves as we do, we would have a fascinating conversation.

After watching a video from the World Science Festival on “Intelligence Without Brains”, I am glad to know that all my smattering of plant knowledge is up to date.

Science is still out to discover things beyond our lore of intelligence. Our way to perceive the world is through one road only. We see something and analyze them based on our concept of a living organism.

Our understanding of nature is translated…

Climbing beasts in Australia

Credit: T. Miranda 2019

Not just a mere mirage or a dream come true for ardent climbing arborists like me. This beast stands next to the most famous water pit that most Adelaideans from Eastern Suburbs, South Australia wish for during hot days in summer.

The photo doesn’t do the actual trunk size, and it miscues the buttress looking from the opposite side. Covered by epicormic growth at the base, this veteran was long-standing before residents thought about a pool. Among other beasts, this tree allocates several natural hollows.

Once up in the crown, silence has no other alternative but…

A romance worth a chance

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash

Dear ganja/pot/weed/mary jane/head,

Yes, you’ve been trashed, smashed, abused, burned, killed for, and put many people in jail in the last 60 years. But don’t worry, it isn’t solely your fault.

After all these insults and incidents, we know who you are. Ancient societies used you to make ropes, paper, medicine, construction, livestock feed, fuel, food, and textiles until humans idolised you for their gateway to tranquillity.

For thousands of years, you proved to be a type of salvation for people in pain. …

Authoritarian and inhumane are just basic terms to portray this individual

Photo by Marília Castelli on Unsplash

The insanity of a person never exceeds what one is capable of doing to others. Without a sense of danger, this person ignores what is true. Nothing can ever touch the consciousness of someone incapable of recognising the suffering of others. It only glorifies them as populists and denialists, resulting in a possible statue in the main avenue after death.

This person may happen to be a he, and he is dangerous. However, it also happens to be that he is not an average working-class man, a rent payer, nor a professor; he is the president of Brazil.

That’s right…

Facts do not always work, especially if you are unable to get into someone’s mind

Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Unsplash

This article is part of a debate that could go far beyond the title.

It intrigues me how simple facts, supported by several scientists and after years of investigating the same evidence, can potentially be ignored by many.

Evidence can appear invisible when one seems to be an inefficient communicator — facts do not always will reach the right audience to change their minds.

The truth is facts not always ‘work’. Why is that, then?

Once said by a well-known researcher, not quoting, our brain is the apex of human evolution, but it seems not to be a good deal.

It does not matter how much evidence you put in front…

Where beauties and predators are a common thing

View from the top of Second Valley / Credit: T. Miranda 2020

Arrived by car from Rapid Bay: a short trip with spectacular views of the shoreline at a distance — empty grass hills for miles until it disappears in the horizon.

The place seems to be quiet by first impressions. Equipped with a campervan, I noticed that the caravan park might be the best way to settle for a couple of days; maybe six?

As history tells, Second Valley in South Australia was initially known as “Dark River”. The peoples of Ramindjuri and Kaurna frequently walked on this area. Ramindjuri settled in the area, while the Kaurna often traveled through Cape…

Insights from the BBC documentary “Did Darwin Kill God?”

Photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

After watching Conor Cunningham on the BBC implying if Darwin killed ‘God’, I decided to write my views on paper.

I would like to advocate that instead of going against religion, I want to clarify that we are just conscious beings trying to understand the world. We cannot answer all questions about the universe and if it were created or not upon our short existence. I might have an idea of how it started, but it does not reveal exactly how or why it happened. ‘Why’ is the keyword here.

The ‘why’ seems to be prevalent among those dedicated to…

From the moment of kissing the ground to eating what it grows.

Photo by Gabriel Jimenez on Unsplash

Why do humans destroy things to think about fixing later? It is a common practice long-dated from the dawn of civilizations. Since the introduction of conventional farming, humans grew crops by ploughing the soil and harvesting at stages.

The only problem is that back then they did not have the concept of soil degradation — today is a thing deeply regarded.

When you talk about soil, we tend to grasp worms, insects, bacteria, parasites, and all sorts of microorganisms. And this is what they are, living beings. They depend on carbon for survival. That is why carbon is so good.

Carbon Is the Golden Key

Many of us may not have noticed how this mayhem in Brazilian politics grew over the years

Photo by Marília Castelli on Unsplash

Time seems to fly by, and we, Brazilians, at least most of us, do not understand clearly how everything always ends up in a political pit. Some of us predicted through articles and conversations. Others only discussed between their peers, while others used their blogs and YouTube channels to expose their frustrations.

The history of a country that emerges into fascism is not a fairy tale anymore. The mainstream media seems to bypass this political nightmare, avoiding to prosecute the war breaker and malicious as we all know by Jair Bolsonaro.

Last month marked the era of the ultra-conservationist right…

From a simple walk to a thrilling experience into an ancient world

Photo by Mark Galer on Unsplash

A day like any other, but this time a native person guides us from Australia. His name is Trent, and he is taking us for a quick tour around Adelaide Botanical Gardens.

With his plant knowledge, he is willing to show us the importance of species that changed the different Aboriginal group’s lifestyles over thousands of years. Plants that were once used to aid their survival in the bush, including many still used today. Some are only found in specific locations, within niche environments, known to Aboriginal peoples renowned nomads.

Different groups walk long distances (walkabout) around the country looking…

Tiago Miranda

I climb, I plant, I read, I write, I travel, I play and I’m starving for more | RIP AB

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