A job title yet to be considered essential for a partial understanding of the natural world

Lookout from the top of a Mountain Ash, Tasmania / Credit: Steven Pearce

What do ordinary individuals know about the contemporary tree man?

One of the definitions might be somebody who can deal with plants, more specifically trees. Would that apply to someone holding some kind of weird view of the world? Someone with a nifty outlook that shows manners resembling the bush?

Appearances may correlate to someone with a long beard, long hair wearing chess shirts, jeans, and toecap boots. Whether this could be an old preconception or maybe a stereotype judged by individuals who sees an arborist as such, we do not know for sure.

Even so, more likely an awkward…

We are asleep to the mannerisms of the natural world

Photo by Arnaud Mesureur on Unsplash

It is a challenge for me to think like a plant. If only plants could reflect and express themselves as we do, we would have a fascinating conversation.

After watching a video from the World Science Festival on “Intelligence Without Brains”, I am glad to know that all my smattering of plant knowledge is up to date.

Science is still out to discover things beyond our lore of intelligence. Our way to perceive the world is through one road only. We see something and analyze them based on our concept of a living organism.

Our understanding of nature is translated…

What a big gum tree tells us

Red gum trunk / Credit: T. Miranda

Here is an attractive Red Gum (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) settled in a notorious contrast in plain Adelaide, South Australia. It stands within history and deforestation holding hands. From Hutchinson Park, you can reach First Creek, where once was a flowing rich river.

Indigenous people used to fish and settle along the riverbed. In time, they used this tree to build canoes, bowls, shields, and other utensils. Its redwood contains very high chemicals such as polyphenols, a natural antibiotic when combined with air.

Despite its size and aged appearance, it can survive for centuries with extensive roots, containing a spongy, air-filled tissue…

You might be exercising it without even knowing

Photo by Vadim Gromov on Unsplash

Our world is diverse, complex, and changeable. It evolved through billions of years, and during this process, it developed critical living webs to sustain life on its own. We, as humans, are just one small piece of this intricate puzzle.

We are animals able of thinking and reason about what surrounds us. From pure imagination to the construction of theories, humans can build an understanding of the natural world. Believe it or not, this wild world sustains our lives as species willing to survive like any other.

Looking at the ecosystem’s diagram, humans are mainly consumers and apex predators at…

And we are just getting to know it better

My backyard — Credit: T. Miranda 2021

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s trivial.

Details can tell otherwise when I look at the vivid plant pots in my backyard. The bloom of different flowers and the elongation of other stems are signs of inter-connectivity. If not by the leaves or stems, most probable by the roots.

Even in a tiny microbiome area, bacteria and fungi have their role as root exchangers. They negotiate with root hairs for their support and shelter. In exchange, the fungi break down the organic matter to facilitate root absorption. …

Brazilian govt supporters in the congress are only following the money

Photo by Sebastian Spindler on Unsplash

Regardless of any political actions, we always end up stranded by consequences. Not even the media, responsible for clarifying facts through clear lenses in an honest way (that’s what we expect so), cannot always follow the short period of chaos in Bolsonaro’s government.

Since he was elected, Bolsonaro’s movements to denialism, constitutional amputation and surrender to the American flag have disturbed many Brazilians worldwide.

His videos of shaking Donald Trump’s hands, speaking about his God, declaring war against public institutions and demonstrating no empathy towards aboriginal peoples showed to be from a typical far-right president that Brazil wasn’t waiting for…

Breaching lockdown is paired with fake news as the new rebellion norm — nonsense?

Photo by visuals on Unsplash

PS.: Please check links referring to disputes

I can smell the stinky smoke across the room. It is crossing borders, oceans, forests and thick walls. It doesn’t seem to be avoidable. People are contained by it, causing a threat for the most inoffensive one: the truth.

Fragments of truth are scattered around, and a lot of them are protected under surveillance. News media has the control to report it, but people are responsible for understanding it. I didn’t think it would happen so quickly. Since March 2020, we knew the vaccines would be the “salvation” for Australia.

This country has…

Climbing beasts in Australia

Credit: T. Miranda 2019

Not just a mere mirage or a dream come true for ardent climbing arborists like me. This beast stands next to the most famous water pit that most Adelaideans from Eastern Suburbs, South Australia wish for during hot days in summer.

The photo doesn’t do the actual trunk size, and it miscues the buttress looking from the opposite side. Covered by epicormic growth at the base, this veteran was long-standing before residents thought about a pool. Among other beasts, this tree allocates several natural hollows.

Once up in the crown, silence has no other alternative but…

A romance worth a chance

Photo by David Gabrić on Unsplash

Dear ganja/pot/weed/mary jane/head,

Yes, you’ve been trashed, smashed, abused, burned, killed for, and put many people in jail in the last 60 years. But don’t worry, it isn’t solely your fault.

After all these insults and incidents, we know who you are. Ancient societies used you to make ropes, paper, medicine, construction, livestock feed, fuel, food, and textiles until humans idolised you for their gateway to tranquillity.

For thousands of years, you proved to be a type of salvation for people in pain. …

Authoritarian and inhumane are just basic terms to portray this individual

Photo by Marília Castelli on Unsplash

The insanity of a person never exceeds what one is capable of doing to others. Without a sense of danger, this person ignores what is true. Nothing can ever touch the consciousness of someone incapable of recognising the suffering of others. It only glorifies them as populists and denialists, resulting in a possible statue in the main avenue after death.

This person may happen to be a he, and he is dangerous. However, it also happens to be that he is not an average working-class man, a rent payer, nor a professor; he is the president of Brazil.

That’s right…

Tiago Miranda

I climb, I plant, I read, I write, I travel, I play and I’m starving for more | RIP AB

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